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Monday, 16 July 2012

Kimmeridge - A Different Perspective

I nearly gave up before I even started writing my blog. It was very difficult to get myself into my own blog.  Well, today was full of fun, if you call waiting for several pieces to arrive fun. It is almost impossible to visualise the exhibition without all the work in the gallery. I still have two pieces to come tomorrow morning so if you come to this exhibition do not be surprised by the somewhat erratic labelling.
It is a very eclectic exhibition, that includes, ceramics, stone carving, jewellery, animation, paintings and photography.
I am very pleased to announce that Philip Mansell from the Kimmeridge Estate came to the exhibition today. He really enjoyed it and bought an assemblage by Richard Jefferey.
I love it when something sells before the show even starts I think it is a good omen. This how has quite a long run (three weeks) so it will be on during the summer holidays. If you plan to visit during Carnival Week then please make sure that you visit the gallery and have a look at this exhibition.
I would like to invite you to the Private View which is tomorrow and starts at 4.00 and ends at 7.30.

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