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Friday, 1 July 2011

Sex On The Brain!

I thought that you might find it amusing to see what people put in search engines that generates hits on my blog. I found it last night and had a good chuckle to myself. Especially, ' sex with owner gallary'. What on earth is wrong with people? My five line blog titles 'Sex, sex and more sex' has had well over two hundred page views. I can only suppose that there are some lonely people out there and whatever gets you through the night. I should add that those numbers only reflect one day and on average I get that amount of page views of the aforementioned blog every day.
It is fairly quiet on the gallery front today as I have taken the majority of the work down and will be putting up the next exhibition tomorrow. I have filled, sanded(ish) and painted the walls again. So it's all ready to go for tomorrow.
I have a nice new advert in Evolver magazine so if you are local to Dorset have a peek.
There is so little to report that I am going to keep it short. Just a reminder that tomorrow evening there is a Private View of Maria Jirats' work at the gallery and I will be serving Pimms and nibbles if you are in the area, pop in.
Have a fantastic weekend! Hope the sun shines for you where ever you are!

1 comment:

  1. Bloody vandals in Salisbury....Wrecked underground cables, 16,000 BT lines down, 20,000 broadbands O.O.O......!
    Anyway, l popped up and stuck it all back together with sellotape.....! :0).

    Oh! Just the one thing then.....
    What is Sex.....!!!!!!!
    'Comes' between 5 and 7.....? :0).
    I'm a lover NOT, a fighter.....! :)>