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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Teaching Is The Name of The Game

I am back at the gallery and it is quiet. Other than my phone ringing that is. The ringing in my ears as someone asks if they can hire a bike. It's been well over two years now. How can this still be happening? If you are searching on the Internet using google then you will see that my picture is still the bike shop.
It is so annoying, but they only update pictures every three years. Really, with all their cash, surely they could do it more often.

I have decided that if Bristol was on the coast I would relocate there. It is so vibrant, with lots of  arts and crafts. I wish there were more opportunities for aspiring artists to set up pop up galleries. Take over vacant premises and fill them with art. God knows the doom and gloom of closed shops is just a depressing site.

I am so busy with organising myself to go back to school. Well, teaching in a school, make that three schools. Planning is the name of the game, you quickly forget how much is involved when teaching large groups of children. Wish me luck.

I am not going to wing it. I am going to make sure I've covered all the bases. I'll try and post some pictures of the work if I'm allowed.
Just to let you know I have now got booking number 6 for next year. Not much time left if you are planning an exhibition.

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