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Monday, 1 April 2013

The Drawing Open Is Now Open.

It gets so monumentally busy that the blog has to take a backseat. The Private View was a huge success with plenty of people in attendance. I am very happy with the hang as it is always tricky when there are so many different styles.
It is a great show so please come and see it.

I have been busy designing and redesigning and redesigning......you get the picture. It is really difficult to make images fit a space that they don't want to. Without compromising the image or cropping it. A job that you think is going to take minutes but then takes hours (and hours) and makes you generally frustrated is not cool.
One day I will have the money to pay someone to do this for me. Can we please fast forward to this day, if I add another please?

Well, I am at work on the Bank Holiday and I have two whole people in, that is not to say that there were any halves in. Just two people. But I am a woman of my word and I will just wait it out.

Teaching a lot this week so at least working today has allowed me to get ahead of the game a little. But now I am off.
Hope you have had a good Easter and if you are on holiday still have a good one!

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