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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Where's It All Going To Go?

Entering the final few hours of my exhibition and it has been eerily quiet today. There was a brief technological break down that meant my iPod dock, printer and computer all had a funny turn at the same time.

In reflection, having this exhibition has been a fantastic experience. I am more than a little concerned about where it is all going to live now. As I have never had so much of my work framed before. Good job I sold quite a bit otherwise I would be covering my entire house with my own work.

What has this exhibition taught me?

  • That people can access my work on many levels.
  • Pretty art sells.
  • Science and Nature are irrevocably linked with art.
  • People definitely prefer the original.
  • No matter how interesting the windows are, people will still stay outside looking in.
  • People can fall in love with a piece of art and feel moved enough to tell you about it.
  • Dead things are beautiful (sometimes)
  • There are the 'Get Its' and the 'Not Get Its' and both are equally valid but one is definitely more annoying than the other.
  • Not looking at my work and proclaiming it to be fantastic does not make me feel good.
  • People in general are generous of spirit.
  • It is hugely inspirational and humbling to sell works that you have made.
  • Lastly, keep your framer sweet because the combination of their work and yours is when the magic happens. (Thanks Chris @ Sansom)
That's all really got to get ready and take it down now. Wish me luck don't forget that the Drawing Open starts on Saturday.

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