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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I Was Just Right Here!

Hi there! Have you missed me? I have been right here and I have not been ignoring you. Apparently this is what happens when you have your own exhibition up. There is less time for the blogging as you are giving people visual demonstrations of how you made the work on the wall. Well it does make the time fly by.

It was also my birthday and that meant that I had to celebrate all weekend. My actual birthday was on Monday and I did not do much, kept myself to myself. But a takeaway chinese meal was my downfall. The first day of my 43rd year was spent suffering, I probably should have had a drink.

The work is continuing to get good feedback so I can relax about that now. It is a nerve wracking process putting your wares out on show. But now enough people have seen it and reassured me that it is good I can now relax into the rest of the exhibition.

But this also means that one the driving forces behind my blog writing has diminished as I cannot keep saying  my work is brilliant and that you should definitely come and see it. Well, that's not entirely true but my ego is not that big that I want to go on and on about it.
You just should, end of story!

Entries to the Drawing Open are continuing to come in thick and fast so that is really going to be a great exhibition and I hope that you can get along and see it. Not too late to enter!

I have started to create new work to fill the gaps of the sold work, don't worry it is all still up but when the show comes down and the work that has sold is winging its way to new homes, I will need to have replacements. The plan is to get Naked Birds seen at other galleries and more importantly museums. That is my next mission to get writing to them and seeing what they think, hence the gap filling.

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