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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Naked Birds Will Flying Away In Two Days!

Teaching this morning and it was fun, a bit of drypoint and collagraph. Always a good way to start the week.
I have had a few late entries to the drawing exhibition I think that you will approve when you see them. It has been another busy day at the gallery and I think that I was paid the best compliment of my entire show today.
A guy said 'if I had the money I would by the entire exhibition, because your work is fantastic!'. How nice is that?
It is funny that some people just get it and some don't. I suppose that I should quantify that statement. I am sure that I have before, so sorry for being repetitive.
Some people find the new work a bit gruesome, if you think about the subject matter then I suppose it is but I am not all about death. I look at the skulls in the same way that I have looked at shells. A nice drawing/painting of a shell does not make you think about the creature that is now dead, does it? If you think like that then shells are as macabre as skulls. I marvel at their creation, their structure, shape, form and the minute detail. I defy anyone to walk along a beach and see an interesting shell and not want to pick it up and have a closer look. Or am I alone in finding the treasures from the sea?
What about fossils? I could go on but I won't.
My exhibition has attracted some fans in the world of science as they realise that I have researched a subject visually that they have researched scientifically.
I am naturally curious, and know that there is still such a long way to go before I stop with the birds. I also have many more installation type pieces that I want to explore.
I may well book myself in for my next exhibition in 2015. That will give me time to do the work.

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