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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

569 Blogs Written So Far!

If you had told me that I would have written 569 blogs I would tell you to get a grip. No way! I have and some of you have read quite a lot of them.
I have spent the day procrastinating whilst actually working. I know how do you achieve that I hear you ask? Well what you do is you write yourself a list of things that you absolutely must do today. Then you put the kettle on, send some emails, make a coffee, doodle on said list page then tidy the studio, drink some coffee. At regular intervals look at the list, enlarge some of the letters with your pen, add more to the list, this includes direct copying of items from a previously written list that you didn't complete the day before. Check Facebook, update gallery status and the studio.
Complete one thing from the list that then generates several more things to add to the list.
I am sure by now that you get the picture.
In my defence, I have been trying to post pictures of my iPad paintings and drawings on the Studio Facebook page and computer says no. I thought it was the internet at work but it's the same story here at home. That is an hour of my life that I won't get back in a hurry.

I am pleased to report that the first part of my day was quite productive. I went to to see the emergent artist Kim De Beer. I say emergent but that's just to the local art scene. I find her work fascinating and I think you will too. The good news is that you will be able get some tempting tasters at several locations in the very near future. Most importantly at her solo exhibition at the gallery in August. It will be good and a breath of fresh air.

April is shaping up to be workshop month so come and see me and book yourself into a creative spring clean with me. You know it makes sense.

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