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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Easter Egg Draw Next Saturday!

Today I was asked when did I take over the gallery? That's different if nothing else. Everyday there is something new. That's exactly why I love it!

I love it when I start the day with a sale. Taught a class, made a sale and had my exhibition photographed all before midday. So I am not sure how you follow that up. Probably with the a quiet hour of reflection and blog writing.

I have to let you know that I have not had so many entries for an Open Exhibition ever, it is just nuts. Usually, I am biting my nails and panicking about filling the walls but not this time. How exciting!
I am looking forward to hanging this exhibition as it is really an eclectic mix of styles.

I haven't been keeping score as diligently as I usually do. I think it is because I usually end up talking to the people who are visiting and by the time they have gone I forget to write down the numbers. I keep a tally of how many people come through door, if you are wondering what the Hell I am talking about.

Since I opened the gallery I have received letters and invoices for my business rates and I was all prepared to pay this years as I had a request in the post a few months ago. Today I get to work and there is another letter saying that I exempt for another year. This is a huge result, that means that I will have had three years rates free. Thank you very much Purbeck District Council.

I am doing the draw for the giant Easter Egg that I have at the gallery next weekend so if you were kind enough to buy a ticket to support the fantastic Marie Curie charity keep your eyes peeled on the gallery Facebook page.

I hope that you have a great weekend lined up I know that I have.

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