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Friday, 22 March 2013

I Keep Disappearing!

Ipad Drawing using just two lines, produced today.

Why? It's because I allocate the last bit of my day at the gallery to blog writing. That being said the last couple of days people have come at the 4.00 and wanted a nice long chat about me and my work. Which is all very encouraging and the last two ladies who came in totally got what I was trying to do and had nothing but lovely things to say about my work. Nice!

I taught my first ever iPad class today, a baptism of fire. No, not really it was great, a thoroughly enjoyable two hours. It is really one of the best things in the world, teaching that is. To see the spark of understanding in peoples eyes and then the dawning of the infinite possibilities now well within reach is just awesome.

If you have never taught, I'm guessing that it is similar to when your children do that first thing independently that makes you very proud and that you tell everyone who will listen about.

I have got many workshops lined up so if you want to put a spring in your creative step then you should come and see me.

I hope that regardless of the miserable weather that you have some great plans for the weekend. Guess what? I am just going to be here working, so feel free to pop in and see me.

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