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Friday, 8 March 2013


What an intensely busy day this turned into. I thought that I would just have a few chores to do before settling down to doing some more of my own work. Well apparently, the world and his wife wanted to come and see me today. Thanks you lovely visitors. I am yet to do any real work because the best part of the afternoon is trying to find out why my Internet is so dire. I have upgraded my download speed but that can take up to five days to be done then five more for me to notice any difference. The operative word being download when upload is actually the problem.

So if any of my clients are wondering why they have sent me pictures that I haven't uploaded it is because I currently can't. My upload speed is 0.3meg which is similar to what it used to be when we all used modems, back in the day. Apologies but I am on the case.

As I usually go on and on and on about how good the current exhibition is, I am choosing not to but I have had some great written reviews. I am hoping they will tempt you to come and see my show.
Here's an excerpt from one, I am here all day tomorrow and will be able to answer ANY questions that you might have about the work.

' Congratulations....lovely work, I do admire your attentiveness to the subject which somehow goes beyond the mere surface, the recording of shape, form, texture, line whatever.......you've captured the whole of human life in your studies of dead birds skulls and skeletons..... its fragility.. its beauty.. its pain. And I love the small bright collagraphs (are they?) on the opposite wall... they just vibrate with colour and contained energy... '

Wendy Lalla Wharam - Artist 

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