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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Three Days Until My Exhibition Ends!


SNOW? I cannot believe that there is snow, not here I hasten to add but everywhere else apparently. I no longer feel that Spring is round the corner. I am still firmly in thermals, and have got my two heaters chucking out their orangey goodness. I am contemplating getting another one to get a bit more heat into the gallery.

I think I mentioned yesterday that I did my first iPad class yesterday, I am now the proud owner of my students first two Ipad drawings. He printed them out and bought them in to me this morning, as a thank you. How nice of him.

I an help you unleash your inner artist, all you need to do is take the first step and that is getting in touch. I can tailor make a learning experience to fit your exact requirements.

There are just three more days left of my exhibition and I have to say that the time has flown. It has been very successful made me some cash which is nice. I get to keep all the commission, a small perk of the job. It has spurred me on to think about the new works that I can create as I think that there are still a few more skull drawings that can be produced.

The thing that people want to own the most out of the whole show is a piece called Birdbox, It is one of my favourites too that's why I have put a whopping great price tag on it. It is deliberately high. Do you like it?

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