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Friday, 26 April 2013

Back To The Day Job!

Robin Beuscher ( Good Job we can't see the front of him)

That's another week over and done with. The Drawing Open has finished, the walls have been filled and sanded and repainted. (Just the filled bits). Now the mannequins are arriving, it is quite spooky having life size things in the gallery. Every time they catch your eye they scare the bejesus out of you. That could be just me.

I did my last print workshop at St George's yesterday. It was an action packed day, well I guess it would be teaching 40 kids printmaking. The thing is they were great but I am exhausted. I could have a nice week in bed to recover. I take my hat off to all teachers, I know I was one once but seriously what they do on a daily basis is nothing short of miracle work.

It is indeed a noble profession, that I am glad that I don't do for a living. There are certain things that I am not sure about if I say 'free flow' those in the know will know. It essentially means learning through wandering around aimlessly. Sorry I mean play.

Ok so I am officially back at the gallery full time again now, I would like to say a very big 'thank you' to Shirley who stands in for me. Can I also add, please can you look less disappointed when you see her instead of me. It's not very nice for her, I am half joking. I do have to remind people that whilst the gallery will always be open during normal hours as advertised. I may not be here, if you are making a special journey to see me then email/phone me first then the looks of disappointment can be avoided. I am a very busy person these days and I know that everyone else is too. So the less wasted journeys the better.

I bet you can't believe that I have got this far without mentioning the weather......no point, just more disappointment.

I hope that you have a really good weekend planned. I have got Robin Beuschers Private View tomorrow night at 6.00 so if you are in Swanage Town then pop in.

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