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Friday, 12 April 2013

A Blast From The Past!

Breaking News! I have gone down to one heater (admittedly it's because one broke) but I am warm enough. Does this mean that Spring may finally have sprung?

My office is now a sanctuary of calm and order. I spent yesterday creating a more Zen environment as I felt it was getting a bit ridiculous in here. Clutter is not conducive to clear thinking and I need to be able to think clearly at some point.

People are really enjoying the Drawing exhibition, and it is being visited by people from all over Dorset. Glad that is so wide reaching.

I had a lovely visit with Brian Rice and Jacy Wall they were coming to scope out the pace in preparation of Brian's show for PAW.
I think they liked the space and other than my hanging work for tall people are looking forward to putting his show on.

It's funny I thought it was a bit high but was working against the clock. One day I'll be less busy, not sure when that will be. No time soon.

Teaching in schools next week so I'm getting myself prepared. It's been a while so there's a lot to think about.

What the gallery used to look like!

Just a little reminder, I forget that it has come such a long way. It was very ugly, look at the grease and oil stains on the carpet.
Every time you knelt down it would stain your knees. We won't go into the smell, there's no need for that on a Friday.

If you are heading to Swanage this weekend pop in and say hi.

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