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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Putting All Swanage Galleries On The Map!

I  have been painting a brighter and more accurate gallery map it has only taken me two days. The shaky hand of doom was hovering yesterday. I have no idea why that happens but it does from time to time. I have to just get on with it usually but as my handiwork is up for public consumption then I'm guessing that I should be a little more careful as I will be judged.

I have now just got to get everyone on board and hope that together we can get more people coming to Swanage the arts capital of the South West. Well that's what I am working on it being called.
There is so much art to see here all year round. The wealth of talent has extended to the cafes, bars and pubs. So if you haven't checked Swanage out in a while then you know what to do. The sun is out and the sky is blue and the beaches are now empty and are waiting for you.

The gallery has been getting some nice feedback, it does seem that people who have not visited Swanage in the last couple of years are coming in and letting me know that I am doing a good job. It is always nice to hear that. I would love to pay return visits on some of the galleries that I keep hearing about.

Owning and working in a gallery during a recession is a real test of faith. You can believe in what you are doing until the cows come home but if you cant't pay the bills and the rent, it really is 'Game Over'. Who would of thought that the teaching qualification that I took on a whim nearly 20 years ago would end up paying my way long after I left lecturing. Certainly not me.

I have been opening earlier in order to try and catch the people heading to the beach before they actually get there. It is kind of working.

I have a filler exhibition that starts next week hence the poster in this blog. I hope that you can pop in and see it. It takes artists a lot of courage to put themselves out there and exhibit their work and this local Life Drawing group are no exception. It starts next week so please do come and take a look.

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