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Thursday, 26 September 2013

I Know What I Am Doing In January, Do You?

Well, I now know what it feels like to start a list of things to do for January 2014. No, I am not joking I am deadly serious.
You may well wonder why I am doing that? As you know I am closed in January for some much needed refurmbishments. My acne pocked walls, my coffee stained carpet, new blinds that need fitting, studio floor that needs repainting, need I go on?

Every time I look around I am logging jobs that can only really be done when the gallery is closed hence the list writing in my 2014 diary. Yes I already have one of those and a year planner that is already full for next year.

It has been really quiet for the last few days which is so strange as it is generally a nice steady flow. That being said though I have had confirmation that my sign on the ferry is working. People who are regular visitors to Swanage (true) are seeing the sign and go on a mission to find the new gallery in Swanage. Ah Bless them, when they ask how many months I've been open? The look on their faces when I tell them three years.

I hope that you can get to see this exhibition because it is the perfect antidote for the current damp patch that we are experiencing. It is truly miserable. I could happily live with sunshine that you see in the picture above. It is a stunning image.

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