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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gallery Now Open 6 Days A Week

Michael Griffiths
Never a dull moment for me. I am currently sat with two computers one of which just keeps switching itself off. My internet has been intent on me not having access to the worldwide web. The rain has ensured that I won't have many visitors. I have had a very busy couple of days I have set all kinds of things in motion so I hope that I will be able to report back to you very soon.

Nothing ever seems to go to plan no matter how organised I set out being. I have 10 envelopes which should all have been posted last week. But I came to work without a coat and the rain had other ideas.
If you are waiting for any post from me I will endeavour to do it today.

I think that regardless of what the weather is doing when I leave for work I must get in the habit of taking a coat with me. Much like today as it is now raining.

It's true that the gallery will now be open on a Monday this is thanks to the office space being perfect for someone who is in need of office space. I am really happy about that as I have been thinking about swapping my days off back to Wednesday as I felt in general I was busier on Mondays than I am on a Wednesday.
So if you are planning to visit the gallery you can now on a Monday. Shirley will be here to welcome you.

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