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Friday, 6 September 2013

I Only Wanted To Get To Work Early!

Bonnie Brown
Oh the frustration! That is not the way I wanted my day to start. But apparently my day had other ideas. I thought I'd get a head start and get to work early. My first mistake, there was absolutely nowhere to park. So then I had to drive home and park the car and then walk into work. I cleverly dropped off my heavy rucksack beforehand. I should also add here that I was then in fact late to work.

I went out yesterday to try and get people to sign up to my map and it was fairly successful. But there people that I missed so I thought I'd print out the info with a copy of the map and drop it into them so they can see it. But apparently my printer had other ideas. So nearly £150 later a new printer with inks.
(Just incase anyone is reading this and thinking that I'd made a hasty decision to replace it, well in order to get someone to look at it was £50 and then the whole printhead thingy needed taking out and replacing. It's out of warranty and the parts also come to £25, that's if it could actually be fixed)

During the printer debacle of September 6th whilst swearing, slapping and poking a piece of electrical equipment more than you probably should. I had some customers come in. I am very good at replacing bad words with good ones. Phew!

Two couples one after the other, very keen on the artists' work and wanting to know more etc. I worked that shizzle with both lots of people. They are going away to 'think about it'. I could weep. So frustrating, I would like to make a sale today. But apparently my potential buyers had other ideas.

There is just a few hours left today and all of tomorrow to see Kims exhibition and you should definitely try and do exactly that.

It's the Folk Festival in Swanage and I think that it should be nice and busy so jump on the ferry, (look out for my sign) and come to Swanage.

I am going to be featuring the work of the seven members of Group 7 in my blog over the next couple of weeks so that you can get a feel for it and also Stephen Bishop who is up next after the Life Drawing exhibition.

Stephen Bishop

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