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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Very Nice, Shiny and Black

Martyn Brewster

I am sat with 4 half empty wine bottles. I didn't drink the first halves, although I am tempted as they are just sat there taunting me. Had a really nice Opening Night of the Life Drawing exhibition. Lots of great comments about the work and my hanging skills.

I am the proud new owner of a brand new printer. It does come to something when you think that you feel like you need some formal qualification just to set these new printers up. This is coming from someone who is quite clued up on that kind of thing. It is very nice, shiny and black. (A bit like me, I'm not quite as shiny though).

I was given a bag full of magazines called 'Art & Craft Education' they date back to the late 60's and early 70's. I have to tell you that it gave me real food for thought. In a time when Art is battling to stay in the curriculum it is hard to believe that there was a time that it warranted it's own magazine. I have to say having speed read a few of them. They were spot on about the importance of art .

'We must develop in each child an awareness and an appreciation for the visual world, texture and form so that they may grow up gaining confidence in their own ability though their own achievements.'

Having taught in many schools over the last 20 years there is a decline in dedicated art rooms and art teachers. The equipment that is on offer is woefully inadequate. The irony is that art is possibly the only subject in the whole curriculum that does not have to be driven by being 'good at it'. The freedom of expression is available to all. It surprises me that there are Special Ed schools that don't have an Art Department. Surely, that would be one of the groups that art would greatly benefit.
Anyway, I am trying to get into schools to teach teachers who teach art who aren't trained to do that. Wish me luck.

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