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Friday, 18 March 2011

Window Smudging Postponed Due To Being Rained Off

Here is what is happening next at the gallery. Fresh new talent at the cutting edge of three disciplines, ceramics, glass and jewellery. This show will give you a snapshot of what todays designers are up to. Please do come along and have a look.
I'd like to thank Felicity for taking the time to drop the posters off to me this morning. If I'm honest I don't think the poster does the work justice. I could go on about the design etc but suffice to say that I would NEVER have used that font and those awful primary colours. I think that I am about to head into my busiest fortnight since I opened, with this show being swiftly followed by Andrew Piesleys' Retrospective show.

I have been doing the usual trying to drum up interest and think of more inventive ways to get the gallery name out there. I am currently brewing a few that I think I will probably run with. If you'd like to put a link to my website on your website then let me know. :)

I have contacted the N.H.M with a view to going and drawing some more of their collections that kept behind the scenes. I keep checking my emails but there has been no reply as yet. If you are interested in collections of things and are facsinated by the fact that they have over 20 milllion species there and a good proportion of them are pickled in jars, you should definitely check them out.

Yesterday I mentioned meeting Dave Taylor from the Swanage Comedy Festival, well he informs me that there are few tickets left for one of the shows and if you want to give your funny bone a tickle you could do worse than grab one before they're gone. They are available from www.swanagecomedy.com
I hope that if you do decide to go that you have a right laugh!

Even the window smudgers have stayed at home today and who can blame them. It has been horrible weather and who wants to trudge around a seaside town in the rain? Oh yeah, the british holiday makers.
I Tina Turnered the gallery earlier.....'Steamy Windows'. In an attempt to speed dry my handmade paper I cranked up all the heaters and directed them directly at my still rather damp paper. I managed to steam all the windows in the process. so no I dehumidifying to try and resolve the problem.
Ready for the weekend people? I'm sure you are, so have fun and be safe!

Once more with feeling..............  DONATIONS FOR CHARITY AUCTION PLEASE

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