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Friday, 4 March 2011

Brain Ache

Yesterday you met my office buddies, needless to say they haven't got much going on in realms of office gossip. No-one majorly embarrassed themselves at the Christmas Do.
I love Fridays for numerous reasons, it heralds the weekend, I get to watch all of Thursday nights programmes on 4od and today I had the ultimate Friday treat. As you are all well aware that I have an ongoing saga with my broadband at home and it was with great regret that I had to phone them this morning to inform them that my broadband which had been reaching speeds of 7 meg was back down to 0.5 meg. I braced myself for the horribly scripted conversation that I was inevitably going to have with John in Mumbai or where ever else it might be. Imagine my surprise when after just two rings I got through to Richard who was in fact based up North. An unscripted conversation followed which did not include any inane, repetitive instructions. I don't know if it's appropriate but my heart did sing a little. He empathized, recognized the problem was going on  far too long and promised me to personally check on the progress of my case. Really! I was not dreaming! This actually happened. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens if anything.
Yesterday my friend Sue from A Great Escape Guesthouse www.agreatescapeguesthouse.co.uk
came to see me. She is going link up with me to provide accommodation for my weekend workshops. We are optimistic that this could benefit us both. If you fancy spoiling yourself and visiting Swanage for the weekend you should book in with Sue and she'll spoil you rotten.
My card machine came today which is a bloody relief it feels like it's been absolutely ages from filling in the paperwork for it. My faithful friend Procrastination is perched on my shoulder whispering in my ear 'Leave it until tomorrow to set up'. I'm trying to ignore him.
It befits a morgue to have skulls in it and as the gallery has been quiet as one, all is well with the world. I have been designing my adverts for the various publications that I hope to be in soon. To tell you it gives me brain ache is an understatement but they are finished and I think they look ok(ish)
I am thinking about October and I am seriously thinking about having an exhibition of work that incorporates text, type or just the written word. If your work includes any of the afore mentioned formats then let me have a look. Send me images to info@lartishe.co.uk
How quickly a week passes. I hope that Jesse Jones' family and friends are doing ok. I can't believe it's been a week already.
Weekends are for F.U.N so whatever you are up to I hope that it makes you happy and glad to be alive.

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