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Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Blues Festival Gives Me The Blues!

She Never Could Give Me The Blues
In Swanage the cool Blues loving folk are pub crawling from venue to venue to listen to some homegrown talent! The problem for me is that they are all peering in the window and not venturing in. Me armed with my newly installed card machine and everything. I even put some music on but then thought I'd rather be selfish with my music choice and just listen to it in the office.
Luckily, I did not over celebrate the start of the weekend so I have been able to function properly and answer any questions that I have been asked.
I have had a thorough clear out today as I am aware that there were pockets of clutter developing in the corners of my office, and we all know that clutter is the work of the Devil. My horrorscope keeps telling me every day that I am brilliant and that I am currently shining so brightly that everything I touch should literally turn to gold. I'm not bloody Midas more likely Sidam everything gold I touch turns into something extraordinarily mundane. I don't really believe in all that celestial mumbo jumbo. But the voyeur in me can't resist sneaking a peek at what the planets etc have in store for me.
Well this time next week I will be 41 years old. I cannot quite believe that this last year has gone so quickly. It would seem that everyone is more intent on celebrating my birthday than I am. Having been bought up not to celebrate birthdays I find it difficult to summon up the enthusiasm now. Especially as all the sugar ladened food fests of childhood are so behind me, the only way I get the sugar is by having it distilled into alcohol first.
Anyway enough of that there are better things for both you and me to be doing so let's get on and do them.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh! look at that........Eleanor Fagin.....!
    Yeah!......! 'Lady Day'......!
    Are we gett'in there..,.....!
    AKA......Billie Holiday....!
    Fell in love with her in the 60's......Best decade ever.....Especially 66. All that Motown..!
    'God Bless The Child' :0)x