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Monday, 7 March 2011

The Last Eternal Optimist In Town!

Well I was glass half fulling this weekend with it being the Blues Weekend I anticipated those hipster types would definitely swing by my swanky establishment. Chickens, eggs, hatching etc...... Their loss!
If ever a day went quickly it was today. It's really easy to feel motivated when the sun's out. It just fires you up, literally. I really wanted to fire up my glass kiln today but I have to spend a little more time organising the space before I do. Health and Safety don't you know! Have put up a shelf for my wifi thingy and have cleared the decks around the kiln just need to tile the surface and I'll be good to go.
In light of not being able to do the one thing I had my mind set on doing I decided to continue exploring the different ways to draw/paint the same thing. So today saw me finger painting, holding a chinese calligraphy brush at the very end and draw and use running out pens. I have to say my experimental approach is now starting to pay off as I can see how I can develop the work through less traditional means. Everyone know that I always want to rewrite the rule book.
I actually stayed at the gallery for an extra 30 minutes as I was intent on completing the drawing I was working on.
Tomorrow will see more of the same no doubt. I have booked my tickets to London this Wednesday and the following Wednesday as I am going to spend the days drawing at the Natural History Museum as well as accompanying Lisa to her Royal College of Art interview for her Masters. how very exciting! I'm not jealous much.
Th th th that's all folks!!!!

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