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Monday, 21 March 2011

The Blog That Time Forgot!

Well is it a good thing that I totally forgot to write my blog on Saturday? It could mean that I was so absorbed in what I was doing I didn't give it a second thought? Or it could mean that I was sucked into an art programme that by the time it was finished it was 5.30 and way past closing time?
I'll let you work that one out for yourself.
I am back on track today. I have been full on busy, I actually was at the gallery early as I have to clear the current exhibition to make room for the new one. This means sorting out where to store everything. I'm going to hang a lot of the work in the studio and the office until it can be returned to it's rightful owners.
It's quite exciting to have a new show coming. It'll be my second  exhibition since I opened. Go me!
Ok so I know I put this horrible poster in my blog on Friday but as it's happening at the end of the week you should be able to understand that I am going to keep plugging it until then.
If you are in Swanage please do drop in and see the work. They have worked their socks off and I'm hoping you will agree it was worth the visit.

I heard from the Skull Man on Friday, he told me that the not quite so Fantastic Mr Fox has finished decomposing. There are also three cockerel skulls that are in the process of being less fantastic. How exciting.
It's been at least 36 hours since I last did a drawing so I think I'm going to sign off. To leave you on a positive note people have now very kindly started to respond to my requests for work. Thank you. For those of you who haven't, come on get a move on.


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