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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

All That Glitters........

Aaah, Not My Precious!

If every day is a battle then I'm on the winning side. I only wish the same could be said of the rest of the world. Sometimes you can question the decisions you make and wonder if you actually know what the Hell you are doing. Today made me 100% certain that happiness is worth more than gold. So it is with my gold free pockets I can continue happily on my way. How heavy is your gold? How shiny is it? You know what I am saying.
Well the work that has graced the gallery for the last few days is continuing to make a positive impression. Some great feedback yet again today. I had the pleasure of some old colleagues visiting today, Lynn and Martin. They also enjoyed the exhibition and thought the work was of a very high standard.
If you are planning to see this show your time is well and truly running out. It's only on for one more day   (I think).
I know I've mentioned before that I can monitor page views and my worldwide audience and I do this with an alarming frequency. Is it my ego? Or am I just terminally nosey? I am inclined to say it is a little of both. I found out yesterday who was contributing to my South African audience. Nice to have you on board, you know who you are.
A few more facts and figures for you since I started writing my blog in September I have had 8,200 page views. I'm averaging about 250 a week. I have now written 198 blogs. I am sure that there is enough content for me to collate them all and publish a book. But what with the window smudgers, my incessant drawing and putting up new exhibitions I'm not sure exactly when I'll get time to do that.
I am at the gallery for half a day tomorrow so if you are planning to come make sure that you do it before 1pm.
I would like to leave you with the following information that contrary to the advert in the Purbeck Gazette that says the artist Andrew Paisley (sic), Andrew Piesley is having a retrospective show starting on Saturday 9th April from 6.30 onwards. Check out my exhibitions page for the lovely poster advertising the show.
I am slightly concerned that a name can be misspelt and spelt correctly within five lines of each other. Sort it out P.G.
Oh yeah check out my other ad in the Purbeck Life magazine it's on page 14.

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