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Monday, 14 March 2011

Death Of A Mouse

If you were thinking that I had disappeared into the ether or ethanol you would be wrong. After the infamous  coffee spillage of Thursday afternoon my mouse gave up the ghost. The clicking and flashing were definitely a sign that it's death was imminent. Then just because I am that lucky my broadband followed suit on Friday both at home and at the gallery.  So I've had a birthday weekend with limited internet connection. I'm glad to report that it all seems to be back to normal today. I should add that is at the gallery, at home I'm still enjoying the woefully inadequate 0.5 meg speed. British Telecom, I hate you! I think that it is fair to say they have earned my loathing. Richard who shall from now on be known as Dick, lied to me. He didn't ensure that my service would be fixed, he did not phone me to check as promised. Oh the treachery!
Anyway enough about that, on to gallery news. There are always exciting developments when new artists make themselves known to me and get excited about the possibility of having a show at the gallery. I'm just waiting to get some images so that I can share them with you.
Murray has bought me the images of the first show so I will be getting them to Neil (my website designer) to add them to my website. So just keep checking back as it should be uploaded very soon.
I am going to make some paper tomorrow as there is a need for paper to print my new work on and as I haven't got any I thought it was about time that I made some.
It is such a therapeutic thing to do I would definitely recommend it to any one who needs to de-stress a little.
Easter Holiday discounts will apply to all workshops booked to take place during the school holidays. So why not book in now and save yourself some cash.

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  1. Oh! Poor lickle mouse. What happened to it's blood and guts then, and it's skin, only leaving it's tail....God, what a mess.
    My PC etc....Was built for me just before Christmas....And, it's all in pink, and so far trouble free....mouse and all.....!
    Bet it's lovely in Swanage.....! :0).