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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Please Don't Rain On My Parade!

The Finished Drawing

Wow!!! This took me so long. If you are thinking I mean the drawing you would be wrong. Yes, it did take me four days but what I'm actually talking about is getting the text to the right hand side of the page. Sometimes modern technology is quite frustrating. Do you see how I reigned myself in then? I ignored the urge to rant and settled with a gentle moan.
I'm not at all sure that it is good to be sat in when the sun shines. I'm suffering from S.A.D as it is so any missed opportunity to sit in the sun only makes me S.A.D.D.E.R!
There are a few things to mention, the artist talk by Andrew Piesley which is happening at the gallery on Saturday from 6.00- 7.00 and this really is going to be the last call for the Abstract Open exhibition. There are a few spaces left and when they are gone, they are gone.

I got to the gallery this morning and the windows looked like there had been the annual convention of the window smudgers held at the gallery yesterday. It was shocking. I had to get straight out there and de-smudge them. I'm thinking of doing a piece of conceptual art called 'The Goldfish Bowl Gallery'. I'm going to set up a time lapse camera focused on the windows and I'm going to photograph every single last window smudger and their smudges. Then I will exhibit the photos. What do you think?

At the gallery there are now art books to browse through and coffee for those that might want it. I'm off to buy a comfy chair tomorrow. So you can come in and relax and enjoy the art at your leisure.
Day off tomorrow and I'm going to a haunted church and IKEA. An interesting combo I'm sure. Make the most of the sun people as it is forecast rain tomorrow. That will be last Wednesday and this Wednesday rainy! Brilliant!!! I'm so very lucky.


  1. Photos of smudges.....Sounds interest'in.....!
    If there's a few boggies stuck in there......
    You could do Dot-To-Dot.............!
    Who....'Nose'....! :0).

  2. Was going to suggest turning smudges in to Art last week but I'm a bit slow in putting my thoughts down in print, endless possibilities , could make it a rolling theme, Just keep thinking positive about the smudgers.