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Monday, 25 April 2011

Is There Anybody Out There?.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Bank Holiday so far I hope that you have too. I am at the gallery today just tidying up from the talk on Saturday. I do believe that my fears were justified. Everybody was enjoying the balmy evening and thought better of sitting in the gallery listening to a talk. I have to just let you know however that you did actually miss a treat. It was funny and very entertaining. Interestingly, I learnt a lot about myself in a lateral way. I have spoken before about obsessive collecting and ordering things it would appear that I am not alone. Hoarding is a lifestyle choice. I don't however want to become one of those tragic people who collect newspapers and pile them up in printed towers.

 I think I'm fairly safe because I read the papers on my iPad.
The good news is that I've just hired out the gallery for September. Yay! So you will be hearing more about that at a later date.
Anyway, I'm going to take my sister to the beach this afternoon as she is from land locked Northampton and everyone needs a sea fix when they visit the coast.
Enjoy the rest of you day and if you are lucky enough to have booked the whole week off.............I'm not jealous much!


  1. Much much better to collect things,
    than keep losing them, I'm a collector,
    a proud collector.

  2. I am glad that I am not the only one that collects things. I'm proud to stand alongside a fellow collector!!!!