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Monday, 18 April 2011

Memories are Made of This

Is it time for me to start tying knots in things, writing even more lists and sticking Post Its to every available surface? I'm afraid to say that it might be. My sieve like memory is starting to cause me a few problems. Admittedly another year older, another year closer to senility.
Anyway the the biggest thing I have forgotten I have now remembered and have changed things accordingly. The Charity Auction for Japan will be on Saturday 21st May. I hope that you can make it.
So whilst the sun shines I sit like an office bunny in front of my computer typing, clickety, click, tap, tap.
I remember the days when I would be on holiday now for a fortnight. Oh the generous holiday allowance when you teach. Would I go back to it? Not on your life. You know how I like to moan. Mostly I spend the days producing art and enjoying myself.
For those of you wondering if I have actually managed to remember my cheque book I can answer 'yes'. Just before I dozed off last night I sat bolt upright and thought 'Do it now, before you forget'. I did it and now all I have to do is remember to hand it in.
Elephantine is a good word and it is one which I wish I could apply to my memory but I forget what it means. Just kidding. Now you know what it means too.


\ˌe-lə-ˈfan-ˌtēn, -ˌtīn, ˈe-lə-fən-\

Definition of ELEPHANTINE

a : having enormous size or strength : massiveb : clumsyponderous <elephantine verse>
: of or relating to an elephant


  1. He has an elephantine ego.
  2. <the wedding reception was held under an elephantinetent on the great lawn

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