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Friday, 22 April 2011

Just A Couple Of Lines

The Easter Dunny
I hope that you have all enjoyed the first day of your long weekend. I was lucky enough to have someone open up for me today. How could I say no. So I had the pleasure of enjoying the somewhat intermittent sunshine. I would love for that to happen every day, especially when it's sunny.
My gallery news is very short, I have been asked to write a blurb for PAW website. How exciting is that? It's going to be about the gallery. I'm going to sort that out tomorrow.
If you are in the Swanage area tomorrow at 6.00 pop in to the gallery and have a glass of wine and listen to the artist talk that will be taking place. I guarantee that it will be a great wait to start your Saturday evening. I'm opening as usual tomorrow so please make sure that when you're contemplating what you are going to do tomorrow that I hope will involve be outside. You can think of me sat in the gallery willing people to walk through the door.
Happy Easter Weekend, Passover and Bank Holiday Weekend.

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