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Thursday, 14 April 2011

I've Started Something and Now I'm Not Too Sure

The crucial piece of equipment when doing a pencil drawing, other than the paper is the pencil! Right? Well today I decided to embark on a drawing outside of my sketchbook and on A3 paper. For those of you that know me what I am talking about here momentous as I invariably draw on A6 paper and can fit more than one image on a page. So I settle down to start, I decided that for this image I would use a prussian blue pencil as I am trying to wean myself off black and white. Imagine my horror when the first time I sharpen the pencil the lead breaks. Times that by twenty and all I have is a half finished drawing with an inch of pencil left. I say half more like a third. RUBBISH!

What are the chances of finding the exact same coloured pencil? Slimmer than a menu at a party planned by an anorexic. No offense meant.
I've had my rant and now it is time to fill you in the gallery developments. I have had some more work submitted for the Japan auction. Thanks for that and also some beautiful monoprints for the Abstract show.
I designed the poster this morning and I am just going to let it sit until tomorrow just to make sure I actually like it. I will be posting it on my blog if it passes muster.

The window smudgers have been out today in all their greasy glory. I have found myself wishing for a superhero power that would allow me to inflict some kind of gentle pain on them. Small electric shocks for any part of their anatomy that comes into contact with the glass, would be a start.
What is so scary about a closed door? Just open it step through and Hey Presto you're looking at the pictures without the hindrance of glass in the way. What could be easier? Apparently, leaving smudges on my nice clean windows!
I enjoyed my day off in Lyme Regis yesterday and was saddened to see at least four galleries had closed down. What a shame. This recession is a total pain in the art. I remember as a lecturer trying to persuade parents that there is a future in art as a career. My argument was that without artists/designers we'd still be living in caves wearing animal furs without any of the cave paintings. It is important that people recognize that art has a crucial role to play in our every day existence.
I feel that I have the Queen of the soapbox today, so I am going to get down and not rant and rave anymore.

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