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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Walking Back To Happiness

My Unfinished Drawing
The good news is that I am less grumpy old woman today and more just old woman. That, I think I can live with. I am forever chasing the angles. I have to get more people into the gallery, I'm thinking that I could frog march people up the road and push them through the door and then lock them in until they agree to buy something. What do you think?
I'm thinking that I might just offer free alcohol, I think that would be an absolute winner in Swanage.
What I really need is to get people to attend the Andrew Piesleys artist talk next Saturday. There will be free alcohol and nibbles. So if you feel the need for a bit of culture in your life you should come along and enjoy a glass of wine with your culture and maybe learn a thing or two about what makes an artist tick. Their obsessions, inspirations and what motivates them to produce the work that they do.
I have spent the morning monoprinting and have produced maybe one that I actually like. It is hard work being an artist. You're never bloomin' happy with what you produce.
The sun has been returned you'll all be pleased to know. I think it is a little shy and has taken to hiding it's light under a cloud. But I hope that it will soon decide to be more brazen and just be out fullstop.
I'm actually beginning to wonder how many times I can forget my cheque book. It has been five days so far. I am aiming to set some kind of record. I have promised faithfully to join the Swanage Chamber of Commerce and all I need to do is submit my cheque for a mere £25 which I cannot seem to do. What a hopeless case.
I have to tell you this before I go. In a bid to encourage people through the door I have left it open. Taking away the barrier to entry. So can you guess what is happening now? I can't quite believe it! People are standing in the door way pointing at the pictures that they think are interesting. I ask you how much more can I actually do.
I am going to have some kind of promotion. Any ideas gratefully received.
Have a great weekend. see you back here on Monday.

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  1. Just off the top of my head....Must be a joke there someplace.....Coffee...When l popped in last time, could'nt remember....If you have a little room for a coffee percolator. If and when people seem interested, and your in conversation with them.....Offer coffee. 1)You retain their attention. 2)You keep them in the Gallery.
    3)Hopefully, make a sale.
    Will pop down soon, still have that small deer's skull, with antlers. :)
    Anyway....you all have a great weekend toooooo!