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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

She Came, I Taught, She Conquered!

First class today, I was a bit nervous as I haven't taught in a while. It went well, I think, let's hope that she thought so too.
I have officially lost my workshop cherry. It felt good. I am hoping that I can get a recommendation from her to put on my website.
I have not produced a drawing since Friday so I am actually suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
I've found these cool pictures that are x-rays of birds. I am trying to think about to replicate the style in a drawing. I think there's some experimentation necessary.

I like the subtlety of line and the way the feathers have only partially shown up on the x ray.  

I would like to thank Do Michell for bringing the promised pieces for the charity auction.
There are a few more of you who have promised me work, I would be grateful if I could have it very soon.

There are days when words flow from my fingertips like water from a tap and there are days like today. It is more like extracting teeth without anesthetic with oversized pliers. I usually dash my blog off in about twenty minutes. I'm thirty minutes and counting.
Literary constipation is definitely what I am suffering from today. Not to mention the most horrendous amount of spelling mistakes which you are lucky that I am editing out.
Enough already, may the next blog get back to normal. Day off tomorrow, I am going to go and collect the work from Andrew for his exhibition this weekend.

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  1. Seeing those pics made me think of the scan I nearly had of my neck today Bird skeleton lol I bet you still do great skelly pictures. I remember the fish one :) Keep on keeping on xxxxxxxxx