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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I Wandered Lonely.....Nope Words Works Not Wordsworth

Photograph courtesy of Shirley Walker

I will make a pact with you. I promise not bang on about how incredibly busy I have been and that my blog has taken a back seat, if you promise to help me spread the word about the current exhibition 'Words Works'.

We had a fantastic opening event on Saturday a bumper crop of people attended. Some really good feedback and there were sales. Yes, you heard me sales. I know scrape me up off the floor but we had sales!

This exhibition is wonderfully eclectic with such a rich and vibrant variety of work there really is something for everyone. I know I say that quite often but it is really true.

There are books, paintings, prints, drawings and collages. So many techniques explored and great outcomes produced.

I think that is enough waxing lyrical about how good it is. You know the proof is in the viewing. Come and see it for yourself.

I hope to continue with some debate blogs this week so please feel free to get involved and let me know your opinions.

Here's question for you to ponder.

What is the difference between a professional artist and an amateur artist?

That ought to get you thinking.

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