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Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Final Two Days of PAW/DAW

Sheila, me and Tony makes three!

There are just a few hours left today and one more day tomorrow for you to indulge in some free art exhibitions and I strongly urge you to do so.
I have been very busy today with a good amount of visitors to the gallery. I have had the most interesting conversations about the work and the gallery.
A few more people have told me that they saw my advert in the RA Magazine which is very encouraging. I am going to draw some musicians at the church in Corfe tomorrow so I will not be at the from about 2.00 onwards.
I am trying to work through my list but the constant interruptions means that it is very slow progress. I have boiled the kettle so many times and not made the coffee that I wanted. The water now tastes very strange.
Just had a nice surprise visit from an old colleague, always nice to see a familiar face. It is also reassuring to know that my previous job about which I am going to be suitably vague. Now sucks more than it did when I was doing it. My escape was timely and I am never looking back.

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