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Friday, 1 June 2012

Plans Are Afoot!

A much busier day at the gallery today which is always a good thing. Everyone has been impressed by the work and I have had some very interesting conversations about it.
I have spent the morning tearing up paper as I intend to make a new batch of paper next week for my prints. I f you have been in to the gallery and all you can hear is the sound of me tearing up paper that is why.
I thought you might like to know what my must see exhibits are during PAW so I am going to tell you. There are five Open Studios that I recommend you try and see. I will not include Sheila in this list as that is a given. I will list them by their numbers on the map just in case you thought I cannot count.

1. Bonnie Brown and Brian Bishop
12. Clarissa Galliano
15. Margaret Lawton
16. Phil Hill and Andrew Thomas
20. Georgina Fermer (There is one image in particular that I really want to buy)

These are my personal must see exhibitions and that is not to say that the others are any less worthy. I obviously would encourage you to see as many as possible.
The more you see the more chances there are to make up your own minds about what you consider to be the best.
I just want to remind you that the gallery will be open all weekend including Monday and Tuesday. So if you are not too busy celebrating the Jubilee you can pop along and see some great art.
I am plotting and scheming ideas for next years exhibitions and I cannot wait to tell you more.

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