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Friday, 8 June 2012

PAW Still Has Open Doors!

I have been away but now I am back. It was nice to have a break and nothing says back to work than having a workshop the first day back. Thanks to Tom and Murray for stepping in and doing a great job in my absence.
It was a cool workshop actually with Jan and Anne. We did printmaking and they both produced some really good work.
Bristol was nice but extremely wet. I was really disappointed with the exhibition at the Arnolfini. It was odd and far too spaced out and even with the information pamphlet in hand I am still none the wiser to what the Hell it was all about.
Shame really as the space is fantastic and deserves to be filled with visually stimulating work.
Purbeck Arts Weeks Festival is drawing to an end so you should try and get to see the open studios before they close up for another year. Obviously the same applies to DAW.
Keeping it short as I have still got chores to do before I can go home.

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