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Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Crazed Window Washer! Yes I Am! Who's Asking?

Meet My New best Friends

I have been looking back at some of my first ever blogs. What I like about them are the pictures. There are some real gems. If you hadn't seen the gallery in its former life it was a dark, greasy tunnel. I kid you not. I have been wondering for a while about the prospect of putting all my blogs and pictures together to create a light hearted look at the whole business of starting an art gallery.

There really are so many pitfalls that could so easily be avoided that I virtually threw myself at. Would this information be useful to anybody? I have got a feeling it might be. If you are interested you can access the blog archive I have written nearly 700  now. I am positive there is more than enough substance in there for a book.

My working title could be 'The Revenge of The Window Smudgers'. If you are a long time reader of my blog you will know what that means.

I have to tell you about the thing that is plaguing my existence at the gallery. I thought the window smudgers were bad enough. That was until the 'loose paving slab muddy puddle making 5ft high mud squirts' entered my life. Oh I have now taken to having to clean the windows in the rain. The windows are being obscured by muddy splashes on a daily basis sometimes three times a day. It is beyond painful.
If you add to that the ever useful comments about 'you can come and do mine when you finished', 'you've missed a bit' from well meaning passers by.
People often say to me when they hear that I own an art gallery 'How glamorous!'. If they could see me in the rain scrubbing my mud splashed windows I'm not sure that glamorous is the word that would spring to mind.

I hope that you have been enjoying finding out about the artists involved in the Group 7 Exhibition. I think it is nice to get a feel for the artists as well as their work. It is a great show and you should definitely come and see it.

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