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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Galleries Map Bites The Dust :(

Stephen Bishop
Everybody likes to get something new and in my case it was brand new paintings from Stephen Bishop. He is super productive and it is nice to know that his creative impulse is live, well and thriving. Please do come and see them. I have included my not great photographs they are better in the flesh I promise. There are a few in this exhibition that I wouldn't mind owning, but my Bank Manager may see it slightly differently.

Stephen Bishop
It's been a day of mixed emotions as I have had to admit defeat in the world of map making. Sadly, I couldn't get enough people on board to make it financially viable. This is a shame as I have spent quite a lot time on it already. It is now officially on the back burner. I still believe in it as a concept but only time will tell. It will be available on my website as a downloadable PDF in due course. I hope that people will still access it. I think Stoneworks also plans to promote it via their website.

Stephen Bishop
I am going to be focussing all of my attention on growing my own business as that is what matters to me first and foremost. I am ploughing ahead with a whole variety of this that you will start to see the fruits of my labour early on in the new year. I hope that you will enjoy what you see.

Stephen Bishop
I am still looking for some 3D artists to climb on board the exhibiting bandwagon for 2014. If that's you, then you know what to do. I have signed up three already so I am only looking for another three.

I have an exciting afternoon of research lined up so I am off to get started on that.

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