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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

About Bonnie Brown - A Member of Group 7

Bonnie Brown

With a definition of poetry as “emotion recollected in tranquillity”, then the paintings are the written poem turned into a visual form. The motifs, colours, textures, sense and manipulation of space taking the form of the words, pulled together into a carefully considered composition where rhythms and balances are constantly reviewed until nothing more can be added or removed to achieve the desired transformation and translation of ideas.

“My intention is to create a luminous composition made up of the consonance of several colours to form a possible space for the spirit. The paintings are lyrical evocations of time and place, combining inner and outer worlds in a rich fabric of colour and spatial manipulations.”

The ideas are triggered by something seen, felt, touched, observed, a memory often on the edge of recognition. All familiar and individual, these often unrelated images are formed together into a new visual relationship on the canvas.

The paintings are mixed media and oils on canvas or paper. Working from sketchbooks and drawings the paintings are developed through a series of layered images in paint, colour, texture, frottage and monoprint. They are often explored through small series of varying scales following a particular concept or idea which may have originated from observational research, and take many months to resolve allowing for the continual reassessment of the surfaces and the source of the idea.

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