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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Are You In The Market For Some Marketing Advice?

Piers Rawson
I have been researching 'Marketing Strategies' as I told you I would and I am a woman of my word. Well there is a lot to take on board, I have actioned at least three of them today. This is actually the third, they reckon that you can push traffic your way by writing several blogs a day. That is never going to happen. I would lose the will to live and actually I have got other jobs that need doing.

Apparently an eBay shop is another great way to drive people to your website. I am having a little think about how I can do this. It's not like I don't have stuff to sell, by stuff I do mean art work of course. But it has to be in keeping with my gallery 'brand'. Oh yeah, that's marketing lingo baby!

The other thing they suggest is making podcasts and youtube videos. That is definitely going to take a lot more thought. I'm thinking maybe some 'How To' podcasts. We'll see, I think there is some mileage in it it is just ensuring that my energies are focussed in a way that reaps financial rewards.

I am also thinking about Art Appreciation classes and blog. I want to call it 'I want a Blue painting!'. What's wrong with wanting a blue painting? Absolutely nothing but with the right tips you could buy a blue painting really worth owning. An investment for the future, not to mention matching the carpet and the curtains. (I am being deliberately provocative before anyone asks).

I could easily sleep my way through the rest of the day as it has been quiet. Where is everyone? It is mild enough out for mooching, so where are the moochers? Maybe the moochers are smooching? I just like those two words.

Piers Rawson
I have featured Stephen Bishop and Group 7 for the past couple of weeks so now I am moving on to my next exhibitor. Don't worry I will revisit the others in due course.
In November I have the photographer Piers Rawson exhibiting at the gallery. I really do find his work enchanting. I should also make it know that I am not a huge fan of photography but there are always exceptions. Piers is one of them, check out some of his pictures. I hope that you like them as much as I do.

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