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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

About Brian Bishop - A Member of Group 7

Brian Bishop

“Art is that thing having to do only with itself”

My work is an attempt to explore images by removing the pictorial narrative and moving wholly into pictorial space, an area visited by, not only the painter but also the architect, sculptor, composer and dance choreographer.

These images are works that demonstrate the breadth of engagement with colour and structure that has occupied me for many years.

They are works of a non-figurative nature, they do not inform with text or images drawn from the world about us, so allow your imagination to explore and make a fresh interpretation in order to discover a world of colour and structure in the same way that you would listen to a piece of music.

Leaving any preconceptions behind, endeavour to approach these works with an open mind.

Brian Bishop A.R.C.A.

“Colours must have a mystical capacity for spiritual expression, without being tied to objects” – Johannes Itten.

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