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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

About Peter Symons - A Member of Group 7

Peter Symons

 I combine the use of landscape to express ideas about time and place with concepts of examining and using motif in the landscape to prompt memory or feelings of a place. 
I have started to take the motif out of its topographical landscape and combine it with colour, surface, texture and drawing, producing a personal account of place both real and imagined.  
This ambivalence and open-endedness invites the viewer to form their own personal associations. 
Ultimately, once the narrative has been confronted I want to be able to show the viewer paintings that are intended to be ‘beautiful’ with the subject matter always secondary in importance

Art historian, Dr. Pauline Rose, collaborated with  Peter on the publication 'Peter Symons Disonance', describes Peter's work as follows:

 "At first glance, Peter Symons' paintings may appear to sit unproblematically within a modern English landscape painting tradition, displaying familiar elements such as a lyrical handling of paint and colour.  However, the artist’s paintings are "prompted" by landscape rather than representative of specific locations."

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