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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Down To One Blog A Week? I Think Not

June @ the gallery.

I have another new exhibition so it's no wonder that I am totally exhausted. I am running a very tightly schedule of events this year and that means that there is only about 36 hours max between exhibitions. If it has been a while since you last visited then rest assured there will be some thing brand new for you to see.

John Gooch has some beautiful and thought provoking paintings in this exhibition. It is well work a look. I think it is the perfect balance between contemplative and simply beautiful.

I am pleased to announce that the gallery will be running it's first ever live demo of any kind. Nicola Dennis who is exhibiting in July will be demonstrating how to produce a silk painting.
Here's the kind of thing that she does.

Follow the link for further details. Do come along it is free and should be worth a look.

Nicola Dennis

She will be using one of my underwater photographs as inspiration for her work. How exciting is that? I love the idea of seeing an image transformed into a silk painting.
Her exhibition promises to be the perfect summer exhibition. It is light hearted, vibrant and lively a real crowd pleaser.

Tomorrow I will be tackling the interesting subject of what does a curator actually do all day. 

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