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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Post DAW/PAW Snore! Let's Have Some More.

View from the gallery up Swanage High Street by Me today.

Hi my name is Sharon its been 17 days since my last blog. I have been tempted to write one and the overwhelming sense of impending doom stopped me.

I recently underwent possibly the worst two weeks in my working career. No details here, although I would love to fill you in. (Should mention that I've been through 4 Oftsed inspections historically, that should contextualise it for you a little)

(Whispers quietly to myself 'I must remain professional')

Suffice to say I have completely lacked the impetus to write my blog. I didn't want be a big written mass of negativity as that is not my style.

I hope that all of you that took part in the open studios had an enjoyable time and made some much needed income. I have heard largely really positive reviews. Now it's time to take a well earned break.

I only wish that I could have a break but straight after DAW I have had the PAW Draw. It is a great little project that takes place during Purbeck Arts Weeks. Artists go and draw the various events that take place and then I exhibit their outcomes in a pop style exhibition.
A peek at what's on display in the PAW DRAW

Sadly, this time it is only up for 4 days but that said it is well worth a visit.

I have been busy myself making some new pieces and now my work is a permanent feature in the gallery. There is a need to keep it fresh. If you want to see what I do then that's another reason to visit.

I have signed up to the Big Draw and I will be revealing the activity and date etc here on my blog. You already know that I am passionate about drawing and this year I am hoping to spread the 'love of drawing a bit further.
I have recently joined another drawing a day challenge and the drawing that illustrates todays blog was my theme for the day.
Do check out drawing challenges they are a great way to get you drawing again or regularly.

Lastly, I have another new exhibition starting on Saturday, you might get along to see it if you are in the area. John Gooch, a really talented painter with a nice diverse range of subject matter.

John Gooch

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