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Friday, 23 May 2014

Wishing All PAW and DAW Venues Luck For Their Events

It seemed so far away and now it is upon us. The fortnight of art, art, and more art. This is such great opportunity to see art in the place of it's origin in some cases. Also collaborations that spring up as a result of shared exhibiting spaces throw up some really interesting shows.

The thing that I find most inspirational personally is getting to talk to all the artists about their work. It isn't often that you get the opportunity to that. This will be the first time that I have wangled some time off to get round and see some of the Open Studios. I am usually tied to the gallery and don't get the chance to see anything.

This week I have been getting some minor refurbishments done at the gallery so that I was ready too. I have had do quite a big repaint as the gaps between shows has been quite short. No time, just make do and mend.

I have a new display stand that I am so pleased about as it will be my permanent fixture of work in the gallery itself. About time too I say. The other bit of news is that my studio gallery is up and running now too. It will be open to visitors all year round. I will be aiming to keep updating it as soon as I produce new works.

I am going to post some pics as I am so happy with it. I have also had the blinds fitted that I have had since January. Better late than never.

I will be writing some reviews of the venues that I visit in my blog over the next two weeks.

I have Synchronicity mixed exhibition at the gallery venue 30 in the DAW Booklet come and check it out.


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