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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Please Don't Read This!

It would seem that I upset people with my list of questions that assist in the writing of an artists statement. 
Well, as you can imagine that was never my intention. My 20 years of teaching people how to do it didn't come into it at all. 
I only post blogs to try and respond to questions that I am asked. I apologise for writing something so 'useless'. 

Why reinvent the wheel? I am not going to so I thought I'd share my artists statement with you. Saves me thinking of something useful to write.

iPad Drawing by Sharon James
Sharon James Artist/Curator.

I am a printmaker by training but of late I have been diversifying, due to time constraints. I have a Masters in Fine Art Print from Camberwell.
I am an obsessive in terms of inspiration. I find that I get a subject in my head and have to explore it visually through as many techniques as possible. I have always been keen on the idea of repurposing and I am currently working on a body of work called ‘Naked Birds’ which is looking at defunct objects (bird skulls specifically) and I hope that I make beautiful things allowing them a new life and beauty in death.
I tend to keep multiple sketchbooks but I have also begun to embrace the new technologies out there and have drawn extensively on my iPad. It allows a curious freedom that sketchbooks sometimes don’t.
Due to running a business I find that the only way for me to produce work is to have several projects on the go at the same time to enable me to bits to each depending on how much time I have. I also like to work in 2D and 3D so that keeps it interesting.
I have been drawing forever and in many ways it’s what I love doing best. The other art forms that I use all serve a purpose. I really think the saying ‘go back to the drawing board’ is very true. I feel better when I make art the desire to feel better motivates me.
The materials I use in my work vary to such an extent as I am constantly learning how to use new media, as I need different techniques to realise the work.  I can be using piercing saws and copper one day and pipettes and coloured inks the next.
All artists inspire me; I have a preference for abstract artists. My work straddles the figurative and abstract. The ability to see things from a unique perspective is one of the things I find intriguing about abstract art. Not forgetting that all art is abstraction of course.
I am now at a stage where the scrawled ideas in my sketchbooks are starting to take shape. After many months  (about 2 years) of visually researching I think I know what I want to make and why.  It includes printmaking, installation, sculpture, jewellery, book making, origami and quite a lot of carpentry.

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  1. Were I marking it as an English essay I would mention that too many of your sentences/paragraphs start with "I" otherwise, as an Artist's Statement it seems fine to me.
    However, every gallery and exhibition seems to require a slightly different emphasis in a statement - some wanting more bio and experience but others preferring influences and aspersions. Some want first person, others expect third person; some don't mind a touch of humour whereas others as appalled by it...
    I have several versions of my Artists Statement I have learned, more or less, which version to use where but I still worry that my work is being judged more on my use of English than it is on my use of Art