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Friday, 2 May 2014

I've Got My PAW in The DAW!

Stephen Powell's Work

I have finally worked out why the whole blog writing thing is on a monumental go slow!
Maybe that is a bit of an overstatement.

Maybe the truth is much simpler?

In order to make sure I can continue to put on some of the best exhibitions in the local area I have had to be very creative with my time. Sadly that means spending less time on the other aspects of my gallery existence.

The blog has suffered as a result of this. I am really pleased however to discover that far from having a disastrous effect, people who are new to my blog are reading back dated blogs. Phew!

Open Studio Weeks are very nearly upon us in the shape of DAW and PAW. I see regularly that people are busily getting their venues ready. Welcome to my world people, this is the perpetual story of my life as a gallery owner.
Good luck to all of you taking part, let's hope there are many sales and so many red dots that all the venues look they are ailing with the pox!

If you are doing anything special during that fortnight such as talks, demos etc please let me know so that I can help to spread the word.

My studio gallery is now fully operational I am really pleased with it. It is very inspirational having your work up and around you.  I can't quite believe that I didn't do it years ago.

I took delivery of Suzette Knight's beautiful ceramic pieces today and they complement Stephen's work really well. They have a similar palette and also the idea of multiple pieces joined together marries well with Stephen's conjoined canvases.

Suzette Knight's Ceramics

If you are in Swanage at the weekend then come and take a look for yourself. Hone your art mooching skills in preparation for DAW and PAW.
By the way both Suzette and Stephen will be showing during the Open Studios fortnight. Suzette in Bournemouth as part of DAW and Stephen in Swanage as a part of PAW,

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