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Friday, 9 May 2014

Why Don't You Take Part and Make Art?

Stephen Powell @ L'Artishe Gallery 

I regularly give artists tutorials and it is a mutually beneficial experience. It is sometimes such a great opportunity to get a better grip on your own work.
I know that seems strange but when you are specifically looking for the strengths in someones work it highlights the strengths and I must add weaknesses in your own. I think that it has led me to be hugely creative and productive this week. It feels good. I know that I have mentioned it before but the truth is I am much happier when I am making things be that drawings, prints or books. One idea generates 10 more. Whether they are good or bad only time will tell.

Is there a key to unlocking creativity?
Yes there is!
What is it?

It is just doing, that is the key. Just start and yes there will be successes and failures but I know that whatever you achieve it will trigger some ideas. In fact my failures probably push me harder than my successes. Sometimes complacency sets in.

Since the beginning of May I have been involved in a Facebook group project called 31 Days of Drawing. I can tell you that not only is it addictive but the need to draw every day becomes so important. I find myself checking to see what the theme is and then having a really good think about how I am going to draw it.

It is also great to see people of all abilities and ages getting stuck in. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and it's not too late to join in. It is not about being a brilliant artist it is about drawing pure and simple.


I have often thought of art in the same way as a muscle. The more you do it the stronger it can become, the less you do it becomes flabby and directionless.
I also know that having time both mentally and physically to produce art is often a difficult one to squeeze in to your average day.

This is why I think the drawing challenge is so successful. Because it forces people to be creative and inventive. People are snatching moments out of their day to be creative. There cannot be anything wrong with that.

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