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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Applied Arts Degree Show at The Kube

In my new life as a gallery owner I have the pleasure of being invited to the Private Views of various people who I have been lucky enough to meet. Tonight was no different. I went to the Apllied Arts Degree Show at The Kube. Now called something nerdy that I can't remember. I know I'm always promoting one thing or another but I just want to help spread the news. This show is packed with talent. Many of who I've worked with on an exhibition earlier on in the year. Their work has matured and developed and looks totally professional. Again, it's a free event and will time well spent.
My day off was spent looking out the window at the miserable weather. I have a garden that needs some t.l.c and all it's getting is o.v.n = overgrown and very neglected. I'm very conscious that when I lose my Sundays it will only get worse.
My printer arrived today so it's goodbye waiting for a print job that never comes. Hello, being super efficient and getting the job done right.
I should thank you all for reading yesterday. My page views were way up. I just want to remind you that sharing is caring. There's also a piece of art up for grabs so get those comments coming. Loving the ticks though and one must not be greedy.
Back to work tomorrow. I'm going to show you all of my new office friends I think you'll be impressed. But they are all a little on the bony side.
No picture as on iPad.

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